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Promise Love
Promise Love

Simple Couple Rings: history and tradition of a promise of love

The CoupleSets engagement ring is not a simple jewel, but is a symbol rich in meaning and behind which lies a tradition whose origins date back to several centuries ago.

Since ancient times, the gift of a ring has represented the seal of a promise of love.

It is thought that the tradition of giving a ring to one's fiancée dates back to the Egyptians, when it was given to the woman as a sign of trust and respect, a way of saying that she was considered an important person on whom one could count and with whom one could marry and create a family.

The Romans used to give two rings to the future bride, one in iron to wear at home and another in gold, to wear in public. Also in Roman times, the idea of ​​wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand spread, given that it was once believed that a direct vein to the heart, the so-called vena amoris, started from here.

Over the centuries, the appearance of the engagement ring has undergone a notable change, getting closer and closer to the type of ring we are used to today.

To be precise, it was in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg gave his bride Mary of Burgundy a ring topped with a diamond. It is on this occasion that we see precious stones enter the scene for the first time. A tradition that has remained alive over the centuries, becoming a fixed stage in the marriage journey itself.

The tradition of giving a diamond as a gift was consolidated thanks to an advertising campaign commissioned by De Beers in 1974, now known throughout the world for the sale of its wonderful diamond engagement rings. This was a very successful campaign, made famous and immortal by the timeless slogan: "A diamond is forever". And he was able to resurrect the American diamond market: just think that in 1939 only 10 percent of rings had diamonds, while in 1990 they were as many as 80 percent.

Today the most gifted engagement rings are the solitaire, the riviera with small diamonds or the trilogy, made up of three diamonds symbolizing "yesterday, today and tomorrow together".

However, there are many precious stones to be set in an engagement ring, each linked to a different meaning.

The diamond represents the solidity of a relationship and continues to be a symbol of eternal love, virtue and loving passion today. The Ruby tells of the passion of an ardent love. Then there is the Sapphire, which is a symbol of loyalty, the Emerald a symbol of hope. We close the list by remembering Aquamarine which indicates the hope of a long-lasting and happy marriage, Beryl, which suggests the strength of the bond of love and Opal, which represents sincere love.


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