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Best Platforms to Sell Your Work Online

For someone who is just starting out as an artist, the art market can be a little scary. Getting in touch with dealers and collectors isn't always easy. Even if you do get in touch with them, they might not want to work with you unless you're an artist they already know and like. Plus, there's a whole foreign language that includes words like "primary market" and "secondary market," as well as complicated terms like commission structures and consignment agreements that can be hard for newcomers to understand.

When you do things on the internet, they're not that much better. There are more than a dozen websites that say they can help artists sell their work to people who want to buy it (as opposed to art e-commerce sites that source the work from an intermediary, like a gallery or publisher). A lot of them look the same, with collections organized by season and color schemes, or simply by medium and size. They usually say that art should be accessible to everyone. When you're an artist, how do you know which site is worth your time and money?

It turns out that "democratizing the art world" is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of websites out there that say they can help artists sell their work online. We've looked at a lot of them and looked at their offerings, terms of service, profit margins, and overall experience to help you figure out which one is best for you. This isn't a complete list because we only included platforms that have "curatorial" standards, which means they have a selection process (though even we don't know how this works). We also included platforms that have information and applications for artists to submit. The information below will help you sell your things, so read on and have fun!

Saatchi Art claims to be "the world's best online gallery," and it is one of the largest. It also has the most complete set of tools, including an easy-to-use iPhone app, a blog that often features new artists, and an online manual that covers everything from how to package your work to how to set a fair price.

People know the name of Saatchi, even though it was founded by a controversial person who has since tried to distance himself from the site, which is now owned by Leaf Group. Saatchi was one of the first companies to get into the e-gallery business (formerly Demand Media). The platform also works with the Other Art Fair, an event that happens in six cities around the world. You can show off your work in person and meet collectors face-to-face at the event. To help you keep your friends and followers up to date on your new work, Saatchi also has an iPhone app that works with Facebook.

When people think of Artfinder, they think of it as a place to find a date for art. For customers who want to spend more than $500, it uses AI technology and personal shoppers (who are free for those who want to spend more than $500).

A survey of independent artists' incomes was made by the company in 2017. It was called the "Artfinder Independent Art Market Report." As a result, it has a lot of deals with artists, art fairs, and more.

The app is free, and the company has links to help you fill out your profile, price your work, and plan for shipping and handling. This means that when you price your work, keep in mind that the seller has to pay for shipping and packaging.

An online marketplace that stands out because it only accepts work that is original (no posters or un-editioned prints).

When someone buys a piece of art, the artist is notified by email. UGallery will send the artist custom art boxes for packaging, and artists who live in the US will also get prepaid FedEx labels. Packages and shipping labels are your responsibility if you're working outside of the United States or if your work is 3D. The company will pay for them, but you'll have to pay for them yourself.

This isn't the first time the company has worked with other businesses. Crate & Barrel recently agreed to sell UGallery artists' work on its site.

Pretty good, though. If you're an artist, you'll find a lot of helpful advice on how to market yourself online in the FAQ section.

Of course, Chelsea Records NY is here to support you! We would love for you to share and sell your work on our platform. We don't charge a fee or have any subscription charges. You will handle all of your own shipping, selling, and customer service, but our platform gives you some market reach that you may not already have.

Contact Alyssa at for more information!

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